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College introduces expanded Legacies Project for 2016

April 13, 2016

Legacies Honorees

Legacies and Leaders, the theme of the 2016 College of Health and Human Sciences Emeriti and Retiree event, is a nod to the expansion of the Legacies Project to include the stories of former faculty and staff members who have gone on to share their talents across the country. Both our "Legacies," emeriti and retiree faculty and staff members, and "Leaders," former faculty and staff, have shaped our College history and continue to make an impact on the future of the College.

"We are excited to expand the Legacies Project to provide a comprehensive story of our college and to better honor those who have made us all so proud, from retired staff to former faculty members doing great things outside of CSU," said Dean Jeff McCubbin.

Held in the newly renovated and expanded Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising on March 31, the Legacies & Leaders event featured 1950s decor and food, a continuation of the event theme while adding a modern twist. Dean McCubbin shared College updates including leadership transitions, exciting new research initiatives, and recent gifts made in honor of CHHS faculty emeriti and retired staff.

Victoria Keller, associate director of development, also introduced the four 2016 Legacies Project honorees and premiered their videos at the event:

Eulanda Sanders, our inaugural former faculty member, taught in the Department of Design and Merchandising for 22 years before moving on to teach at Iowa State University.

Gay Israel served as head of the Department of Health and Exercise Science for 18 years.

Nathalie Kees was an associate professor in the School of Education's Counseling and Career Development Program for more than 28 years.

Maria Puig taught in the School of Social Work for 19 years.

To learn more about the Legacies Project, the 2016 honorees, and all previous honorees, visit Or contact Victoria Keller at, or (970) 491-7340.

To view photos from the 2016 Legacies and Leaders event, click here.

Pictured left to right are some of our Legacies Project honorees: Jack Curfman, Janell Prussman, Dick Dunn, Maria Puig, Linda Carlson, Dean Jeff McCubbin, Jill Kreutzer, Janet Fritz, Pat Kendall, Kevin Oltjenbruns, Jennifer Anderson, Tex Anderson, and Nathalie Kees.

Story by Shannon Dale

Contact:  Victoria Keller

Telephone:  (970) 491-7340