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Brad Sheafor

CSU Service 1974 to 2012
Faculty, School of Social Work

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Many old-timers will remember Charles Neidt, Academic Vice-President at CSU for many years. After his retirement his wife, Martha, commented that “Chuck succeeded at everything in life—except retirement.” I certainly did not have Chuck’s success rate, but I’m also a slow learner when it comes to retirement. I think when you enjoy your work it is hard to stop “cold turkey.” I delayed facing retirement from May through September while I completed teaching an off-campus research course and guided nine students through the defenses of their research projects. Although I dropped one of my textbooks (after 12 editions), my colleague in Montana and I have agreed to prepare a 10th edition of my other text, plus I’m serving on a couple of search committees for the School of Social Work. Nadine and I have been able to add some additional travel to our lives with a recent trip to Barcelona and visits to our children and grandchildren in Los Angeles and Helena, Montana.

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2012 Legacies Summary Video

Messages for Brad Sheafor

"All I can say is Brad Sheafor was authentic. No "show" with him. He reminded me of Mr. Rogers, and I deeply respect Mr. Rogers."

Tim Nordstrom (MSW, '95)