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Brian Dunbar

CSU Service 1982 to present
Professor, 1982-2012
Director, Institute for the Built Environment 1994 – present

Brian's career history

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Institute for the Built Environment

What is Brian doing today?

Since Brian's "retirement" from CSU in 2012, the Professor Emeritus has remained fully engaged at CSU as the Director of the Institute for the Built Environment. Through IBE, Brian has guided project work and facilitated design charrettes for the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, American Institute of Architects, cities, numerous school districts, and the Colorado Governor's Energy Office.

A few recent IBE projects include helping Poudre School District create sustainable schools and establishing a framework that can be used to create healthy school systems across the country. IBE continues to evolve with a focus on healthy communities – sustainable, green practices from large scale buildings and public spaces to neighborhoods and homes. Their focus is on how to leave a positive footprint instead of a "less negative footprint." IBE is focused on creating only as much energy as you use, and getting rid of waste altogether.

Messages for Brian Dunbar

Brian has been a great inspiration to me and mentor. When I learned about green and energy efficient buildings, I went to a seminar he had at Grand Tetons national park and had my "aha moment" about sustainability and the legacy we leave future generations. It’s just the right thing to do. His institute has helped me develop the first LEED Platinum office park in Northern Colorado and the first net zero community in Colorado. Serving on his board and being around his gentle and caring spirit always made the path certain and more fun. He has been a great inspiration to students and the entire business community. I recently traveled to Mexico and met a young man that is doing permaculture research and said the one class he took from Brian changed his life and now he's making a difference in a less developed county using those skills. Brian's legacy has traveled far and wide.

Susan McFaddin