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Ellie Gilfoyle

CSU Service 1981 to 2000
Dean, Provost/Academic Vice President at CSU
Faculty and Head, Department of Occupational Therapy

Ellie's career history

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What is Ellie doing today?

Upon retiring from CSU, Ellie worked as a consultant to the President of the University of Northern Colorado and academic administrators. Together with faculty and staff, she led the efforts to develop a total reorganization effort for the University. During her tenure and beyond, Ellie worked as an independent contractor for The Tointon Institute for Educational Change at the University of Northern Colorado, where she was a major presenter in the Academic Leadership Program for School Principals. She also worked as a consultant for U.S. Maternal and Child Health Services to Division of Health and Human Services for Hawaii State Department of Public Health. In this position, Ellie focused on problem identification and facilitation of a process to promote interagency collaboration. She was also employed as a consultant for many grants at several Universities. Working as a facilitator for the Mentoring Company, Ellie contracted with corporate 500 companies where she worked with groups of management employees to promote leadership with diverse groups.

Since retiring fully in 2011, Ellie wrote a book titled, "Mentoring Leaders: Using Stories to Build Leadership Capacity", which focuses on power using storytelling as a tool for mentoring. Research to measure the effectiveness of storytelling to build leadership capacity has been measured and reported in the book. She continues to enjoy writing and reading, going out to lunch with friends, and spending quality time with her grandchildren.

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