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Grant Sherwood

CSU Service 1968 to 2005
Faculty and Administrative Professional, Student Affairs in Higher Education

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What is Grant doing today?

Early in his retirement years, Grant took on a number of consulting projects at campuses in both North and Central America. Since wrapping up his last project on the CSU campus, Grant has enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren who all live locally and volunteering with his church, CSU and the City of Fort Collins.

He continues to serve as an Elder in his congregation at First Presbyterian; works with the Child Care Advisory and Society of Senior Scholar programs at CSU and has served on a number of community boards including the Fort Collins Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Larimer Center for Mental Health, the Golf Board, and is currently serving on the Citizens Advisory Group for North College Redevelopment.

Pat and Grant feel blessed to live close to their children and families and enjoy spending time with their Airedale, Lindy, at their rustic cabin northwest of Fort Collins.

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Messages for Grant Sherwood

"Grant encouraged me to apply to Mills College, which was my first post-graduate degree job in higher education. I was very hesitant to go that far west (originally from Ohio). Grant encouraged me to look not just at the location, but to look closer at the value of the work experience, as it was a job that fit my stated goals for my first job post master's degree. It was a great first professional position for me that I would have missed. I would not have had the unique work experience, made my lifelong friends nor be living in a state I love and not have the life I love if Grant had not encouraged me to apply. It was a small advising moment for him and a wonderful life affirming choice for me. I credit Grant with launching me into my satisfying and successful career in Student Affairs.

"Thank you Grant Sherwood, I appreciate your help and kindness when I wasn't sure what to do. I was not your official mentee, but you took the time to meet with me to find out what my goals were and when the job announcement came across your desk, you called me in to encourage me to apply. It made all the difference to my life. I am grateful you were there for me."

Dr. Lisa Waits (M.Ed., '86)

As a 50-year old graduate student in SAHE struggling to succeed, Grant was always supportive, kind, and caring. He always had time for a talk and SAHE taught me so much under his leadership. He even made a connection with my husband when he came to visit.

Diana Borrero-Lowe (formerly Diana Kotewa) (SAHE, ’95)

"I so appreciate the care that Grant has always had for his staff and students - how he has such an amazing memory for people's names, his commitment to student growth and learning, his love for his family, and his wonderful laugh. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from him as a faculty member and as a member of my Master's committee, throughout my career including my current role with Housing & Dining at Colorado State. He's been a wonderful mentor and friend, and I'm so pleased that he received this recognition!"

Mari Strombom, Associate Executive Director of Housing and Dining Services at Colorado State University ('89 M.Ed.)

"I have a million memories of Grant Sherwood. He was the Director of Housing when I was a new employee in 1983. One of the things I remember most fondly about Grant was his deep connection to his employees and his ability to create a family feeling among his staff. When I was recovering from breast cancer in 1984, Grant, on more than one occasion, came to the hospital to be there for me. Grant was a steady and wise mentor to me and gave me many professional opportunities to learn and grow. I always and still do feel his deepest support. Grant embodies the best in leadership. Vision and strong skills connected to a big heart and deep compassion for others. Grant was a gift to me and to the CSU campus. I am really excited his legacy is being recognized and honored."

Anne Hudgens, Executive Director of Hartshorn Health Services at Colorado State University