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Jill Kreutzer

CSU Service 1973 to 2001
Faculty, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

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What is Jill doing today?

Since retiring I have become more involved with my lifetime interest in art (primarily water media), participating in a range of classes and workshops. For several years I have met weekly with an experimental group of painters who do a great deal of playing with art, solving the problems of the world, and occasionally coming up with good pieces of work. Being a history buff continues to be one of my passions. Choosing new eras to read and study about is an ongoing area of entertainment and learning. Electronic reading now lets me combine historical fiction with what one can learn about real events and people via the internet, more easily giving me the best of both worlds. My husband, Leigh Towill, and I still live in our home in north Ft. Collins with our cats, Welsh corgi, and many gardens. Serving on the Ft. Collins City Council Board for Art in Public Places and working in a range of ways with the new Ft. Collins Museum of Discovery have been ways I now give back to the community that has been my home for most of my life.

2014 Legacies Summary Video

Featuring Pat Kendall, Antigone Kotsiopulos, Jill Kreutzer, and Rich Feller

2014 Legacies Summary Video

Messages for Jill Kreutzer

Jill Kreutzer changed my life. Her role in undergraduate mentoring made it feasible for me to continue on for my Master’s degree in Counseling. The way she was able to make each student feel like one of her own children was a precious gift. She always supported and encouraged me, while challenging me go further and dig deeper. Truly, the professor that marked my college career...I am so proud to say Jill Kreutzer graced my educational and personal journey. Thank you Jill!!!

Jennifer Clemence (Human Development and Family Studies, ’96)