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Jim Young

CSU Service 1962 to 1976 and 1986 to 1992
Faculty, Department of Construction Management

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What is Jim doing today?

With my wife Jinny’s 90th birthday rapidly approaching and I in the mid-eighties, our activities are more limited than the first years after retirement. My woodworking shop is my primary activity with a long list of projects yet to do: refurbishing several pieces of antique furniture, making dresser boxes of Michigan cherry, upgrades of case work in our house, an entry bench for church and the list keeps on growing. Our home is 20 years old and the need to fix "this and that" requires another project list for this coming summer.

It is way past time to sort the hundreds of photos of family and travel. Early ones are black and white, later all in 35 mm color slides. Dividing them between the five children while keeping memory photos of past fun, plus tossing those that are in the category of "why did we take that picture and who is that?" Some ICM grads may remember all those 35mm slides used in one or more classes-those are in the "toss out" box.

Once a month, a small group of local volunteers meet at the high school (New Auburn) to fold the school’s monthly newsletter, getting them ready for mailing. It’s really the village "ladies aid" (except for me) news group but it fun to get back to school. I have made several projects of wood for the school and it’s great to see them in use. I belong to the local post of the American Legion and take part in the color for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and in funerals of veteran’s. At present, I am the oldest member able to take part is these activities. Some years ago, the Legion decided to give the first grade class an American flag and a flag case to display it, along with plaque stating their graduating year. The flag and case follow them through the grades until that class graduates, then the case is returned to the next first grade with a new plaque. So far, I have made seven cases out of various woods, maple, birch, pine and oak, all wood from our property.

The closest of our five children lives in Rochester, MN. Two live in Austin, MN., then Loveland, CO., and the farthest in Mc Allen, TX. We travel to Rochester and Austin several times a year and try to visit Colorado at least once a year but have yet to visit McAllen. It’s great to have the kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit us. With the lake across the road, the woods around us and besides, grandfather can always find something to do. In early summer or in the early fall we might be favored with a visit by the local bears –so long as they don’t take my bird feeders.

We attend a United Methodist church in New Auburn and take part in activities of the church family. I have made a several wood projects of wood for the facility with one major project to do: a new entry bench to match the chancel furniture.

Visitors are welcome, with September and October the best time to visit northern Wisconsin. In the fall the woods are in color and it’s the best time to fish for musky. It’s also a time to get ready for winter, cutting and splitting wood for our wood burning heater, which typically burns 24/7 from October to March. In late fall, it’s time to clean the koi fish ponds, plus the flower gardens and get the pontoon boat ready for winter.

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