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Linda Carlson

CSU Service 1988 to 2011
Faculty, Design and Merchandising

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What is Linda doing today?

Linda may have retired in 2011, but she still has a full schedule caring for her two grandsons. She finds joy in being able to teach them about apparel and textiles. During a recent chat with her 4 year-old grandson, he touched her shirt and exclaimed, "Grandma, that is really nice fabric. I'm smoothing the textile for you." Hearing him use the correct terminology made her heart sing. She enjoys receiving periodic emails from former students who are reminded of her while working, studying, and traveling. Linda is eager to see the Avenir Museum renovation and expansion completed.

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Messages for Linda Carlson

"I returned to CSU to attend Historic Textile classes with my mother who was finishing her degree. I had previously taken these classes, but decided to retake them with my mom. Linda was the instructor and we had a great time! My parents lived in Boulder at the time and I lived in Longmont. They would pick me up and we would drive to Fort Collins for two semesters so my mom could attend these classes. One of my most memorable parts of this time was Linda letting my dad read in her office while my mom and I were in class or doing labs. We appreciated this so he didn't have to sit in the car for hours. Thank you! We really enjoyed getting to know Linda and learning from her extensive knowledge. She was my favorite instructor!"

Linda Tveten (Apparel and merchandising,'92)