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Marie Macy

CSU Service 1955 to 1973
Director of the Preschool (now the Early Childhood Center)
Human Development and Family Studies Professor

Marie's career history

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What is Marie doing today?

Marie spends her free time with her CSU girlfriends, continuing their lunch tradition at El Burrito and holding frequent card game afternoons. She enjoys attending CSU functions, including the homecoming luncheon where she recently ran into a former student who was attending the 50 year alumni lunch. Marie may not have seen her in 40 years, but she instantly remembered her former student's name. The student said, "Oh, Marie. You were my favorite teacher. I loved all of your classes because you threw in comical things. I wasn't scared to death to come to class and enjoyed participating." Marie is always thrilled to run into her former students.

Marie has enjoyed seeing friends, former students, and colleagues all featured in the Legacies Project. She had Jill Kreutzer and Wanda Mayberry as students in her Human Development and Family Studies courses. Jennifer Anderson and Pat Kendall were part of Marie's cohort and they worked together often during her days working for the Dairy Council. Marie also knew Ellie Gilfoyle, as they were teaching at the same time.

She recently toured the new Early Childhood Center and was excited to see it housed in the old Washington School, where many of her friends went to grade school.

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Messages for Marie Macy

"My congratulations to Mary Macy’s Legacy fund. Mert has been a mentor to many, many CSU students over the years and especially for her friend’s children. They all knew that Mert was a secure and helpful adult who would be a friend and mentor. For me, knowing Mert has been a very special treasure. I’m so glad that she is being honored."

Bea Shenkenberg ('57 Foods and Nutrition)