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Wanda Mayberry ~ 1934-2012

CSU Service 1973 to 2000
Faculty, Department of Occupational Therapy

Message from Wendy Wood, professor and former department head

I was saddened to learn that Wanda Mayberry passed away on December 18, 2012 after a valiant battle against cancer. She was 78. Several days before, Wanda and her friends honored a decades-long tradition of attending a holiday concert performed by the Larimer Chorale. Wanda loved the concert, and enjoyed a visit at her home with friends afterwards.

Although Wanda did not want a memorial service, we can all choose to memorialize Wanda in a way that we believe honors her. I invite those of you who knew Wanda to email your memories and appreciations to chhs_dean@mail.colostate.edu. Comments will be compiled and posted to this web page. Wanda also wanted people to feel free to make donations to an organization of their choice, if so moved.

Wanda was dearly beloved to many at CSU-OT, including former and current students, and, indeed, to many in the larger OT community in the state and nationwide. Wanda had a love of life and big heart for everyone—a kind, gentle, and generous soul who truly lived in gratitude and loved and supported CSU-OT and her profession with a passion. There is absolutely no replacing her nor denying the sadness of her passing. May her beautiful spirit continue to inspire us, as I have every faith it will. Read more about Wanda's life here.

Read memorial messages sent to the College of Health and Human Sciences and Department of Occupational Therapy here.

Wanda's career history

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Wanda was active until the end, connecting with CHHS friends and colleagues, and volunteering her time in the community. In August, 2012, Wanda provided the following update on her activities:

Hello. Welcome to my volunteer life. Once I retired, I decided that although I could enjoy being a hermit – it wasn’t healthy (OT101!), so I decided to use my time by volunteering. I am probably busier than ever, but I am doing what I want to do – when I want to do it – for how long – and can say no anytime I want to. It can’t get much better than that. I take on no top leadership positions but, rather, furnish the scutt-work that every group needs. Therefore, I am involved with:

League of Women Voters; primarily interested in voter registration an education – but am involved in other things, and observe at City Council every other week.

Neighborhood Elementary School; 3 mornings a week in a particular classroom – doing whatever the teacher needs/wants. I also serve as a community member on the planning board (of teachers, parents, etc.)

OT Dept. at CSU; I am on a committee of 7 people to help the OT Dept chart/fund future activities.

Senior Center; Cemetery Stroll committee (honoring people buried in our cemetery) (Helping with Front Range Forum (life-long learning by having classes several times a year)(helping on single day events by tending a booth, serving food, selling ice cream, etc. etc.)

Lincoln Center and Bas Bleu; Performance venues where I am one of the docents.

Volksmarching; World –wide non-competitive walking in wonderful places.

Races, etc.; (Children’s Hosp Courage Classic – 3 days) (Houska-Houska – to raise money for bone morrow donation or cancer research) (cinco-cinco – to raise money for first-gen students at CSU) (Father’s day 5K- to support Sr. Center)

Parades and public events help; Traffic control – selling soda – helping in a booth, etc.

Picking up trash along the Poudre River; Along with other ex-Peace Corps Volunteers, we clean up – or do other service-related activities for the community.

Other one-time events; First night, being a subject for CSU research studies involving oldies.

Non-volunteer fun stuff; Book Club, clogging, line dancing, walking (volksmarching, Aspen Club walks etc), enjoying garage sales, brain games, other single presentations, etc., Dinner Theater, and other performances for which I buy tickets. And, last but not least - spending time with family and friends.

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